Publishing Company
                                  A subsidiary of Copro Record Company, Inc.
Music Production
Film Scoring
Music Composition
Stage Productions

Copro is a BMI Music Publisher with hundreds of songs in its catalog. The record label has also recorded six albums and four CDs. The publishing catalog includes works by BMI, ASCAP and SEASAC songwriters. Four musical stage productions and Orchestral works are also included in the catalog.


Studio Production Team

          Brian Cockerham                               James V. Cockerham                       Ethan Gouldbourne

Berklee College of Music, Music Business major. He is a Keyboardist/Pianist/Organist who is also a multi-talented songwriter, arranger and producer. He has toured internationally and recorded with major and independent recording artists. His music can be heard on local and major national ad campaigns.

Berklee College of Music, Music Education major. Tours internationally as bassist and records with major and independent recording artists. He is a gifted drummer and keyboardist. Has played on over fifty nationally released recording projects with major and independent artists. He is also a gifted arranger and producer.